Changing Grub time out?

After AJ and Leszek replied to my post on 8/24/2014 asking how to fix the bright-dim function on my Dell Inspiron 3521, I realized in the registry grub that time out was set to 10.
I changed the value from “10” to “0” to see if it would speed up the booting process. I may be wrong, but I think it boots up slightly faster, so I changed the grub time out value to “0” on all my computers.
I just want to make sure that this change will not harm anything in the future or cause any adverse effect?


Nope, your good…

Hi AJ,

Is the 10 sec. time out in the gurb for the purpose of dual booting?

Exactly. It is the time the grub menu is showing up and allows for choosing the OS to boot. After 10 seconds it will boot the default choice.

Grub Customizer works great in Netrunner 14. Not only can you change the boot timeout, but default OS bootmenu titles and remove entries via a GUI based.

Grub Customizer - a graphical grub2 settings manager

Launchpad PPA for Grub Customizer

I’m a newbie at linux based OSes and an Admin on a Windows forum, so excuse me if any purists think the gui based isn’t easier than terminal, but I’m lazy, and like keeping it simple. :wink:

I thought that grub customizer was installed by default in Netrunner?
also this is an old thread and fredhoud has asked about grub again here: