Changing Shutdown theme.

Is there a place to change this? As a light theme vs. my dark themed desktop.
And surprised my desktop theme choices don’t apply to the shutdown dialog?

Any help is appreciated. As looked but couldn’t find a setting to change this.

I know it changes depending on theme. But seems not all themes flesh out this dialog also?

The startup (ksplash), shutdown and lock screen dialog themes are part of the look and feel themes, there is no way of changing these without changing the lnf theme itself. You can disable this dialog all together by adding confirmLogout=false to your /.config/ksmserverrc file under [general], this is the Netrunner default setting.

Thanks was afraid it was something like that.
And do want the dialog as sometimes I want to reboot other times shutdown or logout.
More of just a minor aesthetic issue that is annoying.

But the color obviously depends on the plasma theme… i just don’t know which element…

The logout dialog is part of the LNF theme itself.
May I ask, what you are referring to as the “Plasma theme”?
The breeze desktop theme now follows the chosen color scheme.
However, breeze light and breeze dark do not, these are the old breeze desktop themes.

Plasma theme was - at least in KDE 4 - that part that is located in …/desktoptheme folder. It changes the look of the widgets and panels. Look & feel is located in …/look-and-feel and is afaik an overall theme that changes the look of many elements in a single process and includes desktoptheme, etc. And afaik the desktoptheme does not change the shape of the logout dialog but the color if defined in the theme. And the LNF changes the overall appearance of lock- and logout screen without the color. Breeze desktoptheme uses system colors but there are other deswkstopthemes that come with an own color theme.

I am using Simple Glass desktoptheme and completely ignore look-and-feel (it’s on breeze but that doesn’t matter for me) and I have a turquoise logout banner and the color is defined nowhere else as in the desktoptheme.

I’d really wish the look of the lock- and logout screen were separated from the LNF-theme und put back into the desktoptheme…

OK then, so desktop theme is plasma them, that’s cool. :wink:
I think it’s part of the lnf theme now so that it will eventually be easier to make it match the sddm (login manager) them once sddm actually uses the lnf location for it’s theme. Right now the loginmanager folder of the lnf theme is not used by sddm, however when creating lnf themes this folder is typically synced with the sddm theme chosen to be used with it.