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Cherrytree download-source

Hi netrunners,
I´m missing the programm “cherrytree” I used for years.
But I didn´t yet found any riliable source for downloading it.
Do you have any ideas?
Thanks in advance

There is this reddit thread here that applies also for Netrunner:

Thanks for the link. Didn´t know that page yet.
I´ve been working on that since 2 hours now, starting with the newest version 99 an ending with 37.6.
Not beeing succesful in solving lots of dependencies.
It´s time for a break now.
Finally it doesn´t work.
Perhaps a new trial tomorrow. :thinking:

I see that 0.39 of the example is not available anymore. I build this one for you here:

Please don’t try installing version 0.99 that requires a new glibmm version which is not available for Debian 10 based systems like Netrunner.

The only other thing you need to install is the

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your personal engagement!

This package was already installed yesterday:
I soon understood, that newer cherrytree-versions are not compatible with Debian 10.
That´s why I´ve tried the lower versions. But some dependencies couldn´t be solved, because newer package versions were asked and those were not in our repos.
What you have prepared for me, works perfekt. :+1: :smiley:
But you shoudn´t ignore the tiny reference, that 3 additional python-packages had to be installed before.
I´m very happy to have cherrytree for further use again.
Thanks for your efforts and have a nice day!