Chrome blanking out

For a number of week my Chrome has been blanking out on occasion. Certain pages just go all white. Usually moving the mouse around will get it back with a lot of flashing. It seems to happen more with pages that scroll down a long ways. Other than that, I haven’t been able to see a pattern. The exact same thing happens in Opera too. So, I’m suspecting that it’s something in the system’s display settings that I could change. It could be a bug too, but I update everything that comes out and no upgrade in the past couple of months has fixed it. I didn’t note when it started, but it seems sometime in 5.5 or when 5.6 came out.

Any ideas, suggestions, or fixes?


Is it working better with desktop effects turned off? (ALT+Shift+F12)

I’ve tried it for a few days both on and off. Off is only slightly better. It’s hard to test because 93% of the time everything works great, then it just goes crazy and then blank. Moving the mouse and clicking may or may not bring that visible. It seems with desktop effects off I will get a few blips instead of full blank. However, it will still do full blank on occasion.

What is your GPU and what driver are you using (free or non-free)?

My CPU is the i3-4160 and I’m using the integrated Intel 4th gen graphics controller. (No standalone GPU) I’m also using the standard drivers. SysInfo says the 2D driver is “intel” and the 3D driver is “Mesa classic 11.2.2”. It also says “Wayland 1.11.0”.

I hope that helps,

Is the issue only occuring on chrome?
What is about:gpu telling you in chrome? Is it using hardware acceleration or not?
Can you make a screenshot

No, it also happens in Opera. So, I’ve attached the PDF output of the about:gpu from both of them. Having looked at them (without being an expert) I do notice that Chrome doesn’t think it’s using hardware acceleration, but Opera thinks it is. That’s a little odd as they both are doing the blanking.

Thanks for your help,

This is indeed very strange. It should have some hardware acceleration normally. So I guess overwriting the gpu software list does not bring any improvement in chrome:flags? (don’t forget to restart the browser after this change)

The latest versions of Opera will use pepper flash if it is installed on the system.
Do the sites with the issue have flash content on them?
Also, have you tried using a different GTK theme?

I finally figured it out and it was complete unexpected. It was my mouse’s scroll wheel dying or going crazy. Yup, it was hardware not the browser or Netrunner. It was a very old Razer DeathAdder. It had been flawless for years. I’ve had mice die before, but it tends to be catastrophic and not an odd bit like this.

Thanks for trying to help everyone.