Chrome Icons in system Panel

I have been trying to get Chrome Icons (Hangouts, Notifications) to work in system tray for a couple of days now. Running Netrunner Prometheus I have installed libappindicator1 and libappindicator1-3 the i386 version as well as amd64. I have also installed sni-qt and the patch for sni-qt as recommended. Still no luck. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure how multilib works on Ubuntu/debian, but you would need the 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system for things like steam and skype to function properly with the system tray. You would also need GTK2, GTK3 and Sharp versions of all these libraries.

PS. libnotify and libindicator would be needed as well.

Thanks for responding so fast on this. I did install the full i386 libs as well. Have not check to see if I have GTK3 and GTK2 icons installed that might be the problem. As you can see in the screen shot all I have is two icons with the question marks on them. I have installed the Numix Icon set and in the config settings I have Numix as the defult icon set for GTK3 and GTK2. I am new to KDE what is the best way to check for the icon set? Again thanks for your help on this.

Personally, I think your just suffering from the fact that those icons do not exist in your current icon theme or in your icon path settings. We had this problem using the Manjaro 0.9.0 Plasma 5 development and pre-release ISO’s as well and this was finally fixed by adding ~./local/share/icons to the icon path.

Can you please let me know how to add this? I am not sure where to add the path.

I apologize, after going over my logs it was the fact that QT4 was patched in Arch/Manjaro to use QSystemTrayIcon with this patch:

QT 5.4 and above is also required to fixed the issue.

During my research I found this article from Martin Graesslin on this issue.
Do you think this patch will work for this and if yes how should I apply this patch?

Sorry this is a bit more than my understanding of the coding :slight_smile: