Chromium and Steam conflicting

Hi guys

For some reason, Chromium and Steam are in conflict. I would rather use Chromium than Chrome but I can’t install it because it breaks Steam. Any ideas?

I have chromium, steam-manjaro, firefox-kde and google-chrome all installed on my system with 0 conflicts. The chromium and stram-manjaro packages have absolutely nothing to do with each other, so I have to ask, what is the exact conflict error your receiving?

AJ when I check the dependancies of steam-manjaro in pamac, I see there is a confilct with chromium-browser-bin

chromium-browser-bin is only available from the AUR.
Conflicts like this are bound to happen when you use unofficial packages, you’ll just need to use the official chromium package from the repositories if you want to use steam.

PS. I shouldn’t have to tell you that the same rules apply to the AUR as PPA’a or unofficial repositories in other distributions. Applications installed from the AUR can and are not officially supported, not even by upstream Arch.

Got it - It was me being thick; I forgot about the ‘alien head’ change to pacman. I had the alien-head clicked when I searched for Chromium. Problem solved, thanks AJSlye.

No problem, everyone is entitled to make little mistakes from time to time, we are all only human after all.

Well, I’m always happy you remind me of those things :wink:

I was just referring, he could have installed the wrong package.
Good to know notthenewsreader sortened out his issue.

Well I’m not sure exactly why chromium-browser-bin is listed as a conflicting application (package), but I’m sure that Alexandru has his reasons. :wink: