chromium is going crazy


since some days my chromium-browser (Version 53.0.2785.143 Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 2 (64-bit)) is complety not useable. For example amazon is not showing any pictures or styles. On other pages buttons are not working. The browser is complaining about unsecure pages and and and …

I tried a complete new profile … no improvement.

I checked every page with firefox. Everything is perfect with firefox (and in google-chrome also).

What is going wrong with chromium?



Chromium 53 since a few days does not trust certificates signed by symantec. See

Thanks for the information. And this info means for my daily work what? Change to IE? :slight_smile:


If you read the comments of this bug then you might’ve seen that ubuntu has a fix already. Maybe bugging the debian devs to also update their builds helps here.

And yes as a workaround I recommend using Firefox for example or Konqueror or any other browser.