Chromium or Chrome?

Hi guys,

I realise this is a subjective question and I know it will generate a lot of opinions but I have to ask it.

Backstory: I LOVE Netrunner Rolling, I mean LOOOOVE IT! and I am also (for my sins) a fan of Chrome but I also prefer opensouce software. I have used Chromium in the past and have been using Chrome recently. I just wanted to know if anyone has found a performance advantage with either of them? I know that Chrome is based on Chromium and to me Chromium just feels…better (maybe just because of the opensource heritage). Does Chromium run better than Chrome or vice/versa? is Flash better in Chrome or Chromium? and which is best overalll? any views guys?



From a pure technical standpoint Chrome always is based on a slightly older version of chromium.

Thanks but does it work better than Chrome. Also, I just realised I posted this thread in the wrong subheading. Can anyone tell me how to move it to Software (my fault for reading two posts at the same time).

Well flash will always be better in chrome then chromium because pepperflash is the only one being updated with new features, etc., the standard flash player for Linux only receives security updates anymore. There are way’s to install pepperflash for use with firefox, chromium, etc., but this is not supported by Google or Adobe so it’s use at your own risk.

ok. Thanks, so Flash aside, which is better?

As for the flashplayer. The Adobe one uses NPAPI and newer Chromium and Chrome builds disabled support for it.
But who needs flash anyway. It needs to die.

For the main question what is better.
I don’t think its something that can be answered on a general level.
It needs to be answered on a personal level as technically they are both using the same web engine and almost the same features.

Personally for me chromium with its ability to turn off the spying of google is a plus side. I don’t need an integrated pdf viewer or flashplayer as long as I can choose not to synchronize all my passwords and form fields with google servers and can change to my favorite search engine without google knowing what I searched for.

Thanks guys, I am using chrome-unstable now instead and it seems to be working brilliantly.