Chromium-Pepper-Flash Update Problem

Recently had an update come through on Octopi for Chromium-Pepper-Flash. When I try to install I get the following:

==> Downloading chromium-pepper-flash PKGBUILD from AUR...
x chromium-pepper-flash.install
Comment by ava1ar  (2015-01-02 22:42)

Interesting! Can you share link to the repo and package build scripts?

Comment by predmijat  (2015-01-03 14:44)
I was also getting "ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!". Removing the old license file did not help - it was failing with manual build even though the sums looked ok (I ran a manual check for the license file and it was the same as in the PKGBUILD).

After I downloaded the tarball and ran "updpkgsums", it worked, although I'm not sure why...

Comment by WorMzy  (2015-01-05 10:14)
Hi ava1ar, you've removed the no-chromium '[ $_default ] || return 0' statement from the install file, so the errors are back from users without chromium. Please could you re-add it?


Comment by alienbob  (2015-01-05 11:39)

See for the chromium sources and packages.

Build script (chromium.SlackBuild) is here:

The patch is here:

The widevine plugin (build script, packages etc) is here:

Comment by ava1ar  (2015-01-06 03:29)

Sorry, looks like I overwrote it. Fixed now, please check.

chromium-pepper-flash 1:  (Wed  8 Oct 00:11:48 BST 2014)
( Unsupported package: Potentially dangerous ! )
==> chromium-pepper-flash dependencies:
 - pacman>=4.2 (building from AUR)

==> Continue building chromium-pepper-flash ? [Y/n]
==> -----------------------------------------------
==> Building and installing package
==> Install or build missing dependencies for chromium-pepper-flash:

[sudo] password for doug: 
[sudo] password for doug: 
error: target not found: pacman>=4.2
==> Restart building chromium-pepper-flash ? [y/N]
==> ----------------------------------------------

Seems to be looking for Pacman 4.2? What’s should I do?

This is a known issue, you’ll just need to be patient. The Manjaro developers needed to patch pacman 4.2 for use with their system, it is currently in testing and will be pushed to stable in the next update-pack.

Thanks for the information.

Until the Pacman 4.2 update, though, I believe the chromium-pepper-flash-standalone AUR package is still using syntax for the earlier pacman, and thus won’t require it. The primary difference between the two is that the first downloads all of chrome, strips out the pepperflash plugin, and then installs it. The standalone one apparently downloads only a pre-stripped out pepperflash which saves on some bandwidth.

Not sure if there’s any inherent advantage to one over the other, but until pacman 4.2 makes it into Manjaro stable you can use the standalone one.

OK, first the AUR is considered to be a Use at your own risk situation as the Arch developers DO NOT monitor this repository at all. While there are no inherent advantages of one over the other, one is downloading Google-Chrome from Google and extracting pepper-flash, the other is fetching the binary from the maintainers own online server. What this really comes down to is which source do you trust more, Google or the maintainer of chromium-pepper-flash-standalone.