Chromium playing Google Drive music

I have all my music in Google Play Music, but I had someone share some music with me from his Google Drive. Google let me save it to my Drive. However, almost all the music files in the folders don’t show up. A very few do and they play just fine. OTOH, they all show up just fine when I login on my wife’s Chromebook under her account or mine. So, back to my Netrunner Rolling desktop and tried it in FireFox. Sure enough, I can see all the music files in Drive and they play just fine.

Therefore, it seems like a problem with Chromium in this distro. Yes, my Rolling version is completely up-to-date with everything - including Chromium and FireFox. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it? Is it a question I should be raising elsewhere?


Maybe it’s the new cookies policy rule which only allows access to cookies from the domain of the website you called.
Do you see a cookie symbol in the adressbars far right?
If yes click on it and then configure the cookies that you want to accept and that were blocked. I guess some of them if not all are necessary.

Nice idea, but that wasn’t it. I see no cookie. Changing the cookie settings in Chromium didn’t make a difference either.


Clyde have you tried raising this question in the Manjaro forums yet?
This might be a flash issue since chromium, like chrome, will not use the npapi based flashplayer-plugin.
However, google-chrome ships with pepper-flash whereas chromium does not for the obvious reasons.
You could try installing either google-chrome, chromium-pepper-flash, or chromium-pepper-flash-standalone from the AUR to test this theory out.

It was the flash issue. I installed google-chrome and chromium-pepper-flash. It still didn’t work in Chromium, but Chrome works perfectly now.


That’s because you need to tell chromium where the plugin is, aka copy the file into the chromium plugins directory.

PS: The other two packages do this for you.