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Coffelake Hopping

Hello , new to Arch - Manjaro> Netrunner
I tried rolling distros years ago was not good kept on failing to bootup after a few weeks nah days sometimes (and maybe it was my old desktop box or more likely it was my lack of knowhow but I always enjoyed Linux in its many flavours all that time always going back to Solyd K , really nice slow debian distro then after Id saved enough to buy a i7 coffelake what a greasy little piglet it has turned to be until now had acpi issues and few other issues and it would not shutdown properly system just hung - plainly aggravating ,
so I had to leave Solyd K and find a cure for my ( I call it a feral cat in a shoebox ) but persistence paid off did a lot lot of reading and trying new things I’m not a keyboard or terminal smart bloke and I found Netrunner and
A Big Thank You to Linus Torvalds for the Kernel 5.0.5-1
that seems to have sedated my feral cat , thank goodness
and Thank You to Netrunner for having that kernel in store,

I want to uh (warn) caution youse about this next bit that just before finding Netrunner I tried another Arch type distro ( no good )and got Gmusicbrowser from Trizen and it was crap normally Gmu works 100% with the Trizen go to in setting > graphics Equalizer and Replaygain both were not and could not be enabled , I’m not sure if it was the OS or Trizen just thought best to let you know.
the options Would Not work unless a bunch of terminal commands where done forget it , and now I’m with Netrunner all things looks good fingers crossed , the size of the first upgrade wow 1047 updates only got the iso a few days before wow.
Well maybe just one thing but it’s not a biggie ( gimp resynthesizer canot find it ) still there are the old ways of doing that bit slower ( few layers and cloning and it’s done fella) but it gets it done.
See this is what happens late night coffee and installing Kubuntu on an old laptop later tonight.
OK I’ve had my blurp of words now I’ll just be quite and say Thanks for being there.
Thank you for reading rather long (sorry) post

OK, so are you saying your enjoying Netrunner Rolling (Arch/Manjaro based)?
Your post was a bit hard for me to follow. :wink:

This is to be expected with a rolling release, otherwise we would be releasing an updated ISO every two weeks. However, there is an updated ISO coming very soon, albeit with the 4.19 LTS kernel as default, and not 5.0. This is because of issues we have had in the past with non-LTS kernels reaching end of life and bieng removed from the Manjaro’s repositories. This would leave users having to switch kernels on their own, or end up with no more security updates for their installed kernel.

yeah about that the ccoffee was very potent
enjoying Netrunner Rolling (Arch/Manjaro based)? Iam

The Trizen Gmusicbrowser was a real problem in the other distro as I mentioned not sure what caused the problem something to be mindful of ?

And here I have not found gimp resynthesizer and

I’m a bit clumsy when posting sometimes.

I will just have to take a chance on that not being removed before another LTS kernel in the 5. series comes out , that works on this box

The gimp resynthesizer is an external 3rd party plugin.
This is available in the AUR:
You can use octopi to search for it using the alien head button (AUR), and install from there.
Or use the command line:

yaourt -S gimp-plugin-resynthesizer


trizen -S gimp-plugin-resynthisizer

Note: if you haven’t switched to trizen yet it’s recommended you do so, yaourt is no longer maintained, and has been removed from the Manjaro repositories.
Reference: Upstream removal of yaourt

There are actually many external plugins, scripts, etc. for gimp. In both the upstream Manjaro repositories, as well as in the AUR (Arch User Repository)

Up to now I used Octopi

You say that yaourt is no longer maintained so is it still ok to use for a while or switch to trizen now

You can still use yaourt for now, but switching to trizen is recommended. Just follow instructions in the pinned link I provided so that Octopi will still function properly when accessing the AUR. Eventually yaourt will become useless as alpm (Arch Linux Package Manager), and/or pacman (alpm front end), receives updates and changes.

Thank You for your help advice about yaourt and will do gimp plugin ( It’s wonderful time saver Resynthesizer).
Thanks for that.

Just downloaded resynthesizer tried it out and worked Fantastic , going back to get more art supplies
Thank You