collection : nr16 minor stuff that could be improved on

[color=#cc6633]list of stuff where nr 16 is not quite as good as other distros:[/color]

  • the ALT F1 console displays mc horribly (double line font etc.)

  • the login screen has no ARROW to scroll to third, 4th asf. user. selecting a 3rd user is a hidden functionality, i.e. a GUI crime

  • KDE plasma crashes often, producing a poisoned ~./cache dir (see my other post)

  • I always hated the hidden-by-default grub prompt, esp. in less stable Linuces

:heart: - the egyptian style artwork is a real WINNER though, real cool, also the adblocker in firefox

  • I am not too convinced of the new icon set, frankly (left-arrow means logout, are you serious?)

Yay, a collection-list for some everything!! >>Like<< :wink:

Let’s begin:

[]+ the NR-desktop-Icons don’t have this strange handle like Kubuntu - well done!
]- the icon-style isn’t my favoite too, the comic-like Icons in the Dolphin are far less likely than the Kubuntu15’ ones.
[*]- the localisation-configuration is really, really, really anoying … if you have to do it more than once!

[]why can’t I change the Language, where I change every local setting else?
Make a “local settings”-Dialog please.
Further, I whish for the possibility to save/chose custom localisation-profiles (which includes evth).
]SystemSettings > User Personals > Formats >> Detailed Settings:
The droplist-headlines showing “No change” - And what shall that tell me?!
The headlines have to show the actual selection. That is expexted from an display in any kind.
[]The time zone won’t change partout unless I go that way: (fastet, but still unconvenient)
system clock > time zone dialog > select a town + “change time zone by srcolling”=yes apply"
scrolling right time zone at the system clock
time zone dialog > unselect “UTC” apply
'–> now there is a tiny clock, with an even more tiny time zone short-something beneath (must it stay?!)
… the wrong order or else, won’t get the right time zone ;(
]The choice of the Timezone should be liturally the timezone, MEZ for example. Citys are nice, but only
as an adition. But thanks for the searchbox above :smiley:
]the keyboard-layout is to configure in a comletely different place.

-> as long the Language isn’t changed, you can’t change the Keyboard!!!
'–> the dialog dies instantly, it you uncheck the “show only layouts for choosen language”-box!
Hazadous! :exclamation:
!!! I can’t even write my password, etc. with my german keyboard !!! Aaaaaaarg…

I know, the localisation isn’t complete yet, but please fix this #@"$%§&##§§ for the final release…
Pleeeeeeeeeaaaase !


  • If I could wish for, I would like to have a panel to record my keyboard layout like this:
  • blank listbox -
    > adding new entry <
    > choosing character or function-key<
    > pressing corresponding key / key combination at my board <
    [ > apply < ] ( don’t know if necessary)
    } ( repeat until satisfied. )

testing in textbox underneath <
save profile as … <

  • done -

… that could help thoseones too, who would like to use uncommon devices.

[*]- The taskpanel-widgeds (specialy the “Status&Notifications”) don’t collapse, if mouse leaves or clicked on the taskpanel, Desktop, and so on. Why clicking on the Panel, you may ask? Because its a neutral input, which doesn’t change the sceen. sometimes you simply want to get rid of the widget-screen, without changing anything else. But as it is, the widgets could get soon very annoying…
Thats my suggestion:
The Widgets (specialy the “Status&Notifications”) will collapse, if the mouse had left for several seconds.
'–> This has to be ajustable, or course: Delay of 0sec, 0,… - n sec, or infinite. That would be nice and convinient.

[] - “Status&Notifications” > “Input Method” isn’t accessible: it simply happen anything.
]- Very sad is the flaw, that the voulme-adjusment in “Status&Notifications”-widged is a solitary KMix-Dialog, floating on its own, et en plus (!)don’t have a “vanish-button” or kind(!) at all.
[]+ “Status&Notifications”: It would be nice to have a history list of notifications as an embeded panel.
it simply feels like missing something…
]+ “Status&Notifications”, Netwok:

[] I need a searchbox for the aviable networks, if the list becomes longer than the panel.
In my area, this list can grow quite long (~ 40 SSID’s aviable ). :rolleyes:
]It would be nice to sort the SSID-list by Signalstrength, SSID (+/- alphabetical ), how often used, etc… I thing, it could be accomplished, by a dropdown-menü-button at the right end at the searchbox’ line, presenting the sort keys…
[*]+/- “Status&Notifications”: to configure the embeded widgeds you have to navigate through an cascaded kontextmenü - thats really unconvenient!

  • Why is there the config-entry from the Taskpanel ?! That doesn’t belong in there.

[] For the main “Status&Notifications”-panel make an “config-icon” at the right end of the headline.
And that’s all - no need for that kontextmenü-entry. The config-icon has to respond to the kontextmenü-key, some keyboards provide (same for the correspondin gesture), if no panel is hover-focused.
]The same for every embeded panel:
Config-icon at right end of line; visible in open and in collapsed view.
Kontextmenü-key or corresponding gesture will trigger it while hover-focus.

'–> only those kontextmenü entrys, which are additional to this should be kontextmenü, as to expect.
This improvement would be soo much more efficient - and I use my PC mainly to make my livemore efficient. :cool:

[*]- The menüs of the windows (Dolphin as special example) can expand their entrys over more than one line…

But they’re collapsing, as the mouse leaves. It is horribly inconvenient, to expand this damm menü every time, bevore using a fuction…
Please introduce an option, to let the menü stay expandet. I need to see what’s there, need operate efficient.
Remind your self (who ever it shall adress), that those “Icon-collections” existing only to give more efficiency.
(no offence)

[]- The “selecting-boxes” (don’t know it to call ‘~’ ), which can be made for group selection at the desktop:
only a small bug, but - want to report…
]Mouse-left held down upon free destop and then dragged, the selection-border appears. all right.
[*]move the mouse further to make a nice box, leave the left mouse button go while not stoping the movement.
'–> now the selektion-box stays at the desktop, and won’t go so easyly…
It seems someone had messed up the klick-events once more… :stuck_out_tongue:

[*]-/+ If the Networkdevice activated long time after login, there is no possibility to get the WiFi detected again
(unless you restart the driver manually). An autodetection of this device is possible (some services are
trying to access, but without logged in, of course -_- ). At least, there is needed a "try to re-detect
Network)-button at the right top of the Network panel…

[*]+ There is a “Send to”-Kontextmenü entry, but this presents only to few special shortcuts.
Neat to have would be a “Send to”, whichcontains every mounted, writeable volume, custom added directorys, and a “Select Folder”-dialog. I don’t know how it could work for network distributed folders or similar net sevices, but there may be some, whose would ask for those virtual volumes too.

[*]++ I really, really, really would appreciate a possibility to give the generic folders a custom icon, system wide.

 But this shall not be one icon for every folder, but only an icon for _this_ single folder.
 I'm using this thechnique at my Window$-PC, to navigate through often used Files, which act for me as an
 categorie or kind (family_stuff, for_review, private, ...), without actually have to look the folders names.
 Of couse, I could achive it with a special folder browser - but that's not what I want. Every program else
 wouldn't display the folders this way, but that would be exactly the usecase.

I have to admit, that I gethered quite a big collection of icons for every possible content (also to have nice icons for my own programms, at least ), but it is very efficient, to navigate through files, as used to.
pheeew… I’d cut the corner, but mainly that’s all. :wink:

I really like to use the “Status & Notifications”-panel, but some improvement is necessary.

My list or comments aren’t ment to be offensive whatsoever, it simply have to be fixed. Not only because the flaws are there, but because Netrunner deserves it … because it is such a nice distro, let’s make it perfect.

Nice day,