color schemes do not apply to dolphin

when I change the systems colors, dolphin stays the way it is: grey and blue. Colors seem to work for all other programs. How can I change dolphin’s colors?

That’s because dolphin has not been ported to frameworks 5 yet. It still suffers from the refresh issues that plagued KDE 4. Go back into color and apply the settings again with dolphin open.

PS. You may need to log out for them to take effect.

Nope, does not work. No matter if dolphin is open or not, it does not change, not even after logout or reboot.

Anything else I can do? Dolphin looks a little out of place as it is now…

Try copying your kdeglobals file from ~/.kde/share/config to ~./config.
If doing this fixes the color issue then you should delete the one in ~/.kde/share/config and put a symbolic link to ~./config/kdeglobals in it’s place.

PS. I realize this wiki page is for Arch Linux and for frameworks applications under kdebase-workspace 4, but I’ve noticed that this trick works both ways and under any distribution (with minor file name differences).

This actually worked! Thanks a lot!

No problem, I’m glad I could help.