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comparison to manjaro

I have a been wondering …

How does netrunner differ from a Manjaro ISO?
I have some problems with manjaro 4…12 on a intel e5330 processor, and it continuously hangs.

I cant locate the cause, but seems to be the flash-plugin- will netrunner do any better?

We are not in competition with Manjaro’s KDE edition, they both have their own use cases.
Netrunner rolling uses Netrunner specific settings, patches, and enhancements.

That’s an older xeon proccessor, do you have it overclocked?
What display adaptor/driver are you using with it?
Have you tried using a different kernel series? (4.4.x LTS would probably be best considering the processors age)
Have you tried using pepper-flash (Extra) with freshplayerplugin (AUR)?

seems like NR eats raw AUR and ARCH packages no problem.

much better than the mess that Chakra-OS created for itself.