Configuration file for Blue Color Scheme and Background in default profile

Where do I find the configuration file for the Blue Color Scheme and Background that is preselected for the Konsole? I am specifically after the list of colors that appear when the Appearance is edited.


You can find the default color schemes for konsole here /usr/share/kde4/apps/konsole/

Thank you for that.

There are ten schemes in that directory but I am after the eleventh which is called “Blue” and I think it is the default for Konsoles in Netrunner 13.06. Where do I locate that? Or is “Blue” simply a variation of one of the ten with one or two colors changed?

Thank you.

The blue one should be in either your home folder. Kde/share/apps/konsole or /usr/share/netrunner-default-settings/profile/…/apps/konsole

Thank you very much. I found mine at: