Confused about Kwallet

Enabled by default? As thought it use to be disabled by default?

As did a clean install of the 2016.02 iso and getting a handle on changes.
If I disable then get wallet prompts connecting to my Wifi.

So now confused as to not get the annoying popups thought we had to disable kwallet and hit enter key for empty password?
As this prompt doesn’t accept empty enter key method.

Problem resolved itself when I re-enabled Kwallet subsystem but now confused more than ever about Kwallet!

Hate It with a Passion! :s

Kwallet is enabled by default, but without a password thus avoiding kwallet prompts.
Access Control not turned on.

The password that box in your screenshot is asking for is the wifi password (passkey), not the kwallet password.

Your wifi passkey was stored in kwallet, so when you disabled kwallet you lost your passkey and will need to re-enter it into the plasma-nm password dialog box.

Yep that is where I was getting confused wifi nm-applet vs. kwallet and just plain confused I guess! :slight_smile:
As that dialog isn’t very descriptive that it is coming from nm-network? or kwallet really vague to me anyways.

No Problems.

PS. Did you mean the 2016.01 ISO?

Yep as wasn’t release till February 27 so always assign it as 2016.02
As to me seems like should be 02 Sorry about that.