Connection deactivated

Just reinstalled Netrunner Rolling and when I try to set up my wifi connection it starts and then “deactivates” after just a few seconds. It does this repeatedly. How can I fix this?


I had this problem at a clients house that was using WEP, I had to change his router to use WPA2 Personal AES to solve the problem, nothing else I tried would work. Please, check and see of your wifi network security using WEP or WPA?

I’m using WPA Personal… I’ve been back and forth between Rolling and Frontier making the configurations the same but nothing helps. An odd thing is that when I press the Connect box it changes to Disconnect and stays thus but, as soon as I move from the box, the Activity thing starts up and, after a few seconds I get “Connection deactivated” It’s frustrating in the extreme that it works in Frontier but not in Rolling.

Fixed - the BSSID number was missing. Thanks again for your help AJ