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Corsair mouse not working


I’m having a little trouble with my Corsair M65 PRO RGB mouse.
It seems to light up, is recognised by ‘Device Viewer’ and colour wave works.
I recently installed Netrunner 17.10 on my MacBook Pro, so far I love it :blush: - I just plugged my mouse in today, I’ve done a bit of troubleshooting, but couldn’t find any solutions that worked for me. for the time being I’ve been using a the built-in touchpad and the built-in keyboard, I’ve tested my Razer Blackwidow Chroma which works as expected. Recently, I’ve used this mouse with a Windows 7 OS, I’m fully confident it’s working, I doubt it is the laptop either, as I have used it with the past OS.

Sorry if I didn’t supply enough information above(Or if this is the wrong place to post).

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So the mouse is recognized when plugging in via usb in lsusb (terminal command?


Thanks for your reply,
It appears to show up as ‘Bus 004 Device 003: ID 1b1c:1b2e Corsair’.

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Can you try run xev from the terminal to see if any motionevents shown up in the terminal when you move the mouse?


So sorry for the late reply.
I don’t see any information appearing when I move, click or scroll.

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