Crashes at log out

Hi guys,

since i installed netrunner rolling in october 2015, it had a little annoyance which troubles me a bit more every day. Every time i leave my plasma session i get some crash notification for the following programs: krunner, plasmashell, kwin_x11 and ksmserver. All of them crash because of a segmentation fault.

At first, i thought it was a general kde5 problem which would vanish after some updates, but it didn’t. Some days ago i installed a vanilla arch linux on a second drive and this installation didn’t show that behavior. So it looks as if the crashes are somehow connected to my netrunner installation. A fresh netrunner installation didn’t solve the problem. I asked google for a solution but didn’t found anything that looks related to my problem.

So has any fellow netrunner user experienced similar problems? Or, even better, is there anybody with an idea how to solve these crashes?

Thanks in advance

This has been an ongoing issue since plasma 5.3, they fix it and then it breaks again. Also keep in mind that a vanilla Arch install would not have any pre-configured settings for the compositor, etc., or even all of the same KDE, caligra, kde-pim, etc. applications installed. On Intel GPU’s sometimes setting Xorg up to use uxa instead of sna fixes this crash, the latest fix for graphics glitches and compositor crash issues on Intel is to set xorg up to use dri3. Playing around with the compositor settings or turning it off completely can also elevate this issue as well.

If I remember correctly Arch has the compositor off by default, but I may be wrong on this one.

This is a good reference, but keep in mind that Manjaro uses mhwd for graphics and the config files for xorg are in a diferent location:

Also Manjaro will stick with older versions of xorg at times to maintain compatibility with Nvidia and Catalyst drivers:
Currently Arch is at Xorg 1.18.0 while Manjaro is still using 1.17.4

Hi AJSIye,

thanks for your fast reply.

Most of your reply talks about the intel graphic drivers. As i use the proprietary nvidiea driver, your hints won’t help me that much i suppose?

I’ll go on trying to make my arch installation resemble the netrunner installation as much as possible. Perhaps i’ll find a different configuration that will fix my problems if i apply it to my netrunner installation. I might start with the X11 settings you suggested. Or i’ll be lucky and upstream will fix it once and for all :).

At least i know now i’m not the only one with this problem.

Thanks for your help