Man… this OS keeps crashing on me!! If it isn’t one thing… it’s another!

Dolphin has crashed numerous times and now just changing settings and closing one field… CRASH!!

same here dude

after muon update KDE was gone for good. look my other post in INSTALL forum for .cache del fix

There is currently a bug in Plasma 5.3 where aurora window decorations can crash system settings and/or the window manager, this is an upstream bug in the aurora theme engine.

Another thing to look out for is graphicsdriver bugs. If you have proprietary drivers running this might be the case you might suffer from them.
You can however try tweaking desktop effects or compositing settings and choose a different Renderer like EGL or if everything else fails even Xrender.
Of course you can also turn desktop effects and compositing off completely and test if this helps.

This seems as good a place as any to hang a crash report :slight_smile:
I was evaluating Netrunner 16 from a DVD-ROM, changing System Settings to my preference and to match my hardware, as you do. I changed something (don’t remember exactly what, somewhere around Desktop settings) and got the message that the changes would be visible after my next login. So I logged out, and kactivitymanage segfaulted, leaving tty7 with just a chunk of syslog.
I could log in on tty1, though, so I saved the relevant part of /var/log/syslog in case it would be useful. I didn’t try to restart the desktop manager (not even sure what Netrunner uses).
The log file is 110 lines, which I hesitate to paste here; you can find it at

The syslog looks to me like the nvidia driver crashed.

I had selected the non-free nVidia driver; the fault sequence begins with kactivitymanage throwing a segfault. I’m well out of my depth with how all this fits together: will anyone benefit if I try again, sticking with the nouveau drivers?

It might be worth a try to see if the problem occurs again with nouveau or not

This crashy thing… yea. :@

I tried over three hours to send one (!) crashreport, but it found everytime an other excuse to crashing, getting hung up - or simply became unusable (because mouse vanishing, menüs or windows flickering, hypnotic coloreffects and stuff).

But I have to add, that I was using it as livesystem. That makes things harder for NR…

But a special case happened, that I accidently rightclicked faster than the Recourcesviewer could respond,
so that the Dialog, I choose in the kontextmenü, and the std kontextmenü (again) from the windowsurface appeared at the same time: The Dialog and the kontextmenü fought for the focus and foreground several seconds, the window were unaccessible and then it started pasting scrambled a patterns into every window, widged and everything else, which respondet to my input… i could’t even force the programm to quit neither reboot NR itself. On top of all (i was about to reboot miraclesly) Kate canceled the shutduwn halfkinded (!) and it started to became completely unpredictable what happened by my input - starting processes, spawning Dialogs, and scramblig further the screen. Only thing surprising stable and working till the end was the alt+tab-Mechanism (but not helpful in this siuation anymore … :frowning: )

I could’t even draw nice pattern on the screen, as I’m used to… Window$-Errors are sooo much funnier! :smiley: