Create a PPA searcher and manager

I think Netrunner should create and include a new kind of PPA Manager in order to improve the user experience. I explain:
When you want a updated version of a software, if you can’t have it by default, you need to find a ppa that brings the updated version, manually add it to your ppa list, using software sources or terminal, and then refresh and upgrade.

Now, imagine some kind of “ppa’s center”, like a software center but for ppas. A tool that show you, by typing the name of a software, the most appropriate PPA to have always the latest available stable version.

How would that work?

Well, imagine you have a version of Inkscape avaiblable in the PPAs enabled by default.
You launch the PPA tool, you select Inkscape by selecting it in a list of installed softwares. Then, you see the PPAs that can bring you the latest version available that default PPAs can’t. You clik on “add & updgrade”, and you get the latest stable release of Inkscape, and with the PPA you just added, you’ll keep it up to date.

The aim is to avoid searching on the web and adding PPAs that can break your system if it updates your version of a software to a one that would still be under development.

Not sure if I’m really clear, but it would be great I think^^

This is a very interesting idea and reminds me of the OpenSUSE website that uses 1-Click to activate and install the specific newest software.

The only problem I see currently with this idea, that we ppas are hosted by launchpad and launchpad is a canonical website. So we definitely need Canonical for the realisation of this idea.