Hi Team
I have just installed Netrunner 17.
Love it.
I have one problem.
I only have one desktop, when I try to create multiple desktops and activate the cube nothing happens.
Am I missing a step, has the cube been disabled.

Any ideas or assistance would be welcome.


Hmm… so you created virtual desktops. At least 4 I guess.
And then you activated the cube effect in settings and disabled other desktop switching effects? Checked the keyboard hotkey? Tried to activate the effect then with the hotkey?

Hi Leszek
When I go to create multiple desktops, nothing happens.
I make the selection but the extra desktops do not appear?



if you have more virtual desktops, you can switch with “control + F1 … F4”, or you need to get an mini program in the controlbar - in german “Anwendungsumschalter” I don’t know it in english.

Are you sure you didn’t create multiple activities instead of virtual desktops?
Just checking, I’ve seen this happen before. :wink:

I made some screenshots…