customizing the isofile


I’m testing at time the netrunner 16 and I have a question:
How do you the remastering and customizing of the desktop?

This is well done!



For customizing the desktop we have our own ppa repo here:
And github source here:

On the github source you can also find the build-scripts git repo that holds the scripts meant to be used with remaster-kit (which is the underlying tool doing all the iso extraction, unsquashfs’ing, squashfs’ing and iso building and a little bit more)
To make it short these build scripts

  • Remove packages that we don’t want from the Kubuntu ISO
  • Install and activate the netrunner ppa (and other) repos
  • Install all packages that we want on the ISO (our own netrunner repo packages + extra apps like VLC)
  • Do some cleanups
  • Install our custom isolinux & grub bootloader configuration for the live media
  • Some other things like create md5sums, update packagelist, …

For a simple customization or remaster (like adding your own background, themeing or 1-5 Apps only) I would recommend taking a look at snapshotting and persistency (casper-sn & casper-rw are the keywords here)
The advantage of that is that you can make those customizations on the live system and don’t have to build your own deb packages and recreate the whole live system.

I think that should be enough for a start. If you have further detailed questions just ask.