CyberFox Install

I downloaded the tar file and extracted it but am lost on how to properly install and launch this browser, could someone give me a step by step to get this working, thx.

First This section of the forum is mostly used for general discussions. Please post your issues in the appropriate sections of the forum to receive the best possible support, thanks.

Second, more information is need.

Which version of Netrunner are you using?
Netrunner 14 LTS (Kubuntu 14.04)
Netrunner 15 (SR) (Kubuntu 14.10)
Netrunner Rolling (Manajro)

I’ll download and take a look at this application for you.:wink:
Note: I’m a chrome user and have just now heard of this firefox alternative.

OK, I took a look at it and you don’t need to install it unless you need it available for all users.
You would just extract it and run it from that location. If you do need it installed system wide then I would suggest learning the file system hierarchy of Linux, etc. and also how to create packages for your particular distribution base (Ubuntu or Manjaro), or at least find someone else that could help you with this.

PS. Keep in mind that currently this software would be considered using an external software source and as such is not recommended and can not be supported by Netrunner.