Debian Stretch

Hello guys! Congrats on such a great distro!

I just installed Netrunner 17.1 based on a snapshot of the coming Debian Stretch.
My questions is: What would happen when Debian Stretch becomes the stable version?
Would I be asked to upgrade to Netrunner 18 or 17.1 will automatically move to stable?


If you enable the ‘testing’ repository, then you will effectively have switched to a ‘rolling’ distribution.

We shouldn’t enable it yet, though, until Netrunner team has updated their Netrunner repositories to handle it.

deb testing main non-free contrib

this way you will be running rolling distro, testing branch forever

you could replace TESTING with STRETCH in repos, so when stretch becomes stable, you will stick automatically with stable.

deb stretch main non-free contrib

Yes, thats a possibility if you’re fine with the running system at the time stretch becomes official.
If you want to continously get updates, then you simply stay on “testing” channel though, so it becomes auto-targetted for stretch+1.


What repositories will future versions of netrunner based on?

Before stretch is realeased, will you change the snapshot version? In another thread I read about changing to testing is possible (to avoid vulnerable software), but this one is not recommended yet. And if it is possible what do I have to do: only change to the debian repository from snapshot to testing or replace the netrunner repositories to strech-backport too?

After stretch is released, will you move the target to snapshot again or do you continue with stable? If you switch to snapshot again and I decide to stay with the latest stable version, will there be upgrade paths to the next stable release in 2019?

Regards Michael

Yes, this a very good question which was left without response.

What’s your release politics?
Without activiting Debian testing repos I am left without any updates, right?
It’a a nice distro, I think about install it but I want to be sure that it can be used for long time, it will receive regular updates and so.
What if I don’t want to swith to rolling type?

I think Stretch is frozen now (it doesn’t get new features just security updates) and preparing to release (April?) so if you don’t want rolling, switch repos to Stretch (not testing) and in April (hopefully) you’ll be fine.

Don’t run distro based on (old) snapshot repos only because it’s a zombie.

Thanks, so It seems that I can use just Debian Stretch, right?
For my is better way to stick with a stable distro, so as far as I understand I can add Stretch repositories and ended up with new Debian stable
but a little bit modified by Netrunner developers?
Sorry for this maybe obvious questions, I just want to be sure because
I think Netrunner is worth giving a chance and I would like to install it.

replace snapshot repo with stretch repos but you better keep netrunner repo (to keep netrunner-specific packages updated, latest plasma, netrunner-firefox).