Dell E6410

The touchpad was not recognized
" wireless device "

Every other linux that I have try I had no problems with that computer

Hi Frank,

For touchpad, please try installing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.
You also miss the wireless driver or what does “wireless device” mean?

Thank you I will try that later at the moment I do not have that computer with me, I’m at work. about the wireles I meant WIFI device at the moment I do not remmember the chipset

For wifi you may need the firmware-iwlwifi non-free (proprietary, closed source, binary firmware for Intel WiFi chips) package, which is not installed by default on Debian based systems.

For info on the APS touchpad/trackpoint and Debian 9+ (stretch):

Libinput is not recommended atm, as it has some issueswith Plasma 5.8.x.
When those are fixed, we will ship it default again.