Dell Latitude e7240

I’m planning to get a Dell Latitude e7240 (will come with Win 7 x64 pre-installed). With NetRunner being quite interesting, clean and polished, I’m wondering if I can get it installed. Does anybody have experience installing NetRunner on this hardware (I suspect it’ll have Secure Boot/UEFI etc.) ?!!

As the hardware also comes preinstalled with Ubuntu I guess it should work very fine under Netrunner.
Note: I did not test the hardware with Netrunner though. So it is only a guess based on the reference link aboved.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen some articles on how to dual boot with Win 7/Win 8 but a bit scared due to UEFI/SecureBoot etc. Anyway I need to buy it quickly and the shipping for this model will take time so might change my mind and go with XPS 13 :slight_smile: