Desktop weather plasmoid widget don't load

I added a yahoo weather widget from the get new widgets module button. But it displays Error loading QML file:///home /user/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/main.qml:11:1:module “QtQuick” version 1.1 is not installed? I need my desktop weather displayed any thoughts?

All of the weather widgets are designed for KDE SC 4 and are NOT compatible with Plasma 5.

NOPE, a weather widget is not a priority this early on in Plasma 5’s development. Maybe after plasma 5 has settled in a bit, and all of the official KDE Applications have been ported to frameworks, one of the developers will begin to port it as well.

If you want to keep it close to plasma and kde you could just use the Webbrowser widget and set it to always surf to a weather info page that can show you the current weather or the weather to come in the next days.

On the other hand you can of course use other widget like tools like conky (small footprint) or desklets (bigger footprint but easier to configure) to achieve what you want.