Device mounting in KDE 4.11.1

I am using NetrunnerOS 13.06. This is on a reformatted and repartitioned Hard Drive (clean install, only data restored no .kde files). I have updated to KDE 4.11.1. I am unable to use luckybackup and K3b. In Dolphin I can see my external connected hard drive (usb connection). I am unable to write backups to it, luckybackup states drive is unmounted. K3b seems to write to the DVD then errors out when trying to verify the write (error permissions). This is bring back bad memories of the KDE 3 to KDE 4 upgrades. How can I fix this problem? Thank you for your help.

Make sure to have udisks2 installed.
There might be the slight possibility that luckybackup and k3b still use udisks instead of udisks2 and that might lead to this error. So make sure to have both udisks and udisks2 installed.

Thank you for your reply, I have udisks2 installed it is part of the normal upgrade to KDE 4.11.1 after reading many posts on problems with KDE 4.11 disk handleing I can work around luckybackup’s use of udisks use. What I can not get around and need badly is to be able to get K3B working. Both udisks and udisks2 are installed on the system, Removing udisks seems to break things so is not an option.

Have you checked in the systemsettings -> permissions if your drive is detected there and the permissions are setup correctly ?

Not sure were you wanted me to look in System Settings. It is not listed under removable devices.

Yeah Netrunner hides it by default. Try executing
kcmshell4 k3bsetup to get to this settings and check permissions there.

hp cddvdw sn208bb /dev/sr0 660 root.cdrom

cdrdao version 1.2.3 cdrecord version 1.1.11 and growisof are all set to 0755 root.root

So K3b is writing correctly but only gives errors on verifying the image ?
Is there an exact error message that you could paste in here.

Yes the problem is in verifying the image. The error message is “unable to Fixate the disk, cdrecord has no permission to open disk, You may use K3Bsetup to solve the problem.” This is occurring while trying to burn Gparted live 0.16.1-1 amd64.iso to a DVD-R using 3x speed all other setting are set to auto and verify is checked. MD5sums were verified correct for the image. Now to confuse us, in further testing I am able to burn this image to a CD, no problem. I am also able to burn other similar sized iso’s to DVD and other Distro sized iso’s to DVD. This behavior has me totally confused.