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Differencies in LiveCD and instaleld system

Hi guys,

I like a lot the live CD and small customization made on it. Firefox has got already some plugins, kde looks nice and neat, idons are on the desktop and bottom panel is funcioning well. Something that makes me wonder is the fact the after installing on my computer, everything is different. Wallpaper, no icons on desktop, different menu bar at the bottom and so on.

  • How can I revert it to the look it had on LiveCD ?

I copied over .kde folder from live cd to my home folder but this didn’t end well :stuck_out_tongue:

A different look and feel should not happen after install.
Did you install with an existing home directory ? This would explain the problem.
The easiest way to get to the look of the live system would be creating a new user which then copies the default configuration from /etc/skel/* to it.

leszek’s way will work, however unless you system is really messed up, there is no real need to create a new user.

All you really need to do is open up a terminal and type cp -R ./etc/skel/* /home/
then just log out, the new look and feel should be there when you log back in.

Thanks guys,

Installing to the new directory with new user name helped.

Hey guys,

I thought all is done but I have other bizzare problems with netrunner which I never experienced on Linux before.

When I try to archive a folder (righ click & Compress) the processor works like mad, it takes ages and I see the notifications but nothing happens. No arichive is being created.

Similarly with copying the files. I copied 300MB from my android device and it took me 5 min! Normally 300mb on linux takes few seconds…

What could be worng ?

All programs seems to be working fine, just to operations…

Did you check the process monitor ? Maybe an application is using all CPU or I/O

Please don’t get offended, but the first thing I always ask when there is file copying, device mounting and/or other file related issue is: Did you reboot after the kernel was updated last? Other than that make sure your not having a file permissions issue after copying over the .KDE folder from the LiveCD.

Go well my friend,