Different panels for virtual desktops


Currently I like to use 4 virtual desktops. I’m hoping that I could hide the default panel at the bottom on one or two of these desktops, but not all of them. Basically, in order to show off KDE, I’d like one virtual desktop to look similar to Windows: with the bottom panel and shortcut icons on the desktop, one to look like MacOSX, with no panel or icons, but a dock (which I’ll probably have to make with a quicklaunch widget panel, as all the docks I’ve tried get put on all 4 virtual desktops), one to be the Homerun interface that NetRunner utilizes so well, and the last one would just be my open widgets screen - facebook, twitter, calculator, etc; so obviously it would be nice if the panels could be as individual as the virtual desktops.

Yeah its a feature request I also wanted for years. Sadly that won’t happen for the KDE SC 4.12.x tree or the qt4 based KDE.
I am not sure about Plasma Next (or how its called nowadays, the Plasma 2 or Qt5 based Plasma Desktop) but I hope it will be more flexible when it comes to configuring the panel for that matter.

But this option exists so long time in KDE 4. It call ‘plasma-activities’ You can configure it as us wish and still have virtual desktops on each :). http://www.maketecheasier.com/use-kde-plasma-activities/

It does not work for the panel though.