Digital Audio Crossover

I have a couple of small powered studio monitors (Rokit 5) and have been thinking about adding an inexpensive sub woofer to fill out the low end a bit. I may be able to obtain one that’s powered, but it doesn’t have a crossover so I’d have to supply that myself and rather than buying another piece of hardware I was wondering if such a thing readily exists in Linux.

I came across this site.

But it’s not really the sort of easy solution I’m after, although it sounds interesting. I was kind of hoping for a plugin of some sort or something relatively painless and hassle free. Just like everything else in my life…

I have an M-Audio FW 410 as my output and it seems to be working fine now. After some earlier inquiries on here it would seem that the driver developer crushed a bug and the device loads and appears to be quite stable (for now). This device gives me 10 outputs so I would like to use three of them in a 2.1 audio setup if possible.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Shortly after posting the above I found a link in the comments for that same article that appears to implement a SW crossover in Linux.
I haven’t yet had a chance to look at it in detail and I don’t know if it will introduce significant delay into the signal chain, but if anyone else is interested in this sort of thing then it might be a good starting point.

For more advanced audio setup’s like that, I would take a look into using Jack audio instead of pulse.