Disappearing programs

After the second update after upgrading to 12.12, I had the (apparently known) problem where a bunch of stuff disappears. My question is, can anyone give me a list of exactly what disappears? I didn’t get much chance to look around before it happened so I don’t know just what all is missing. I know all the Muon stuff disappeared, as well as the volume control in the panel. Is there anything else?

I am not sure but I think that’s all. i didn’t miss anything else.

I just noticed the Web Accounts thing is missing, too.

Oh you’re right. I never used it, so i didn’t notice. Perhaps there is really much more I don’t see? :huh:

But there’s no problem. - We can install everything if we like.

I reinstalled it but it’s not working. It seemed like there might be some new stuff in this version and I don’t want to miss seeing any of it. The best part of a new upgrade is checking out the shiny new stuff. :slight_smile:

In case of webaccounts, what exactly is preventing the install?
What KDE version do you have?

Sorry, I worded that poorly. It re-installed properly, it just isn’t working properly. You were helping me with that in another thread. Can’t get google calendar to show appointments. KDE is, BTW.