Disappointed with 14.04 performance

I’ve been using Netrunner 13.06 as my main distro for my workstation fro the past 9 months and I think it is the best distro I’ve ever run, much more stable and all the applications work very well out of the box, etc.

However, Ubuntu’s 13.04 support ended a few months ago and since 13.06 is based on Ubuntu 13.04 the updates stopped working, and even worse the repos stopped working as well.

So I decided to upgrade to 14.04, but unfortunately I find the performance unacceptably slow. I setup the same set of applications and configuration as my previous 13.06, but after 1 week of using it I feel disappointed. The performance is so slow compared to the previous 13.06, that I’m thinking about setting up something else, which is a shame.

Anyone else has this experience?

I agree. I too have noticed the decline in quick response and overall performance. But I was actually fine with 13.12 version of Netrunner. Now, they’re focusing on the Manjaro/Arch version as well and spreading themselves thin… I think.
I always thought they should have converted to Debian Stable and been done with it. I like Debian much better than
any other major distro.

It might have to do with the decision to change the default i/o scheduler for ubuntus 14.04 kernel from cfq to deadline.
You can of course try to set it back to cfq to see if this fixes your problem.

First check your current scheduler with the terminal command (you might need to replace sda with your harddrive where you installed Netrunner 14)

cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler

If it shows deadline being the default you can on the fly change back to cfq by entering

sudo bash -c "echo cfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler"

Then see if it changes something performance wise for you.
If it does (in a positive way) you can make it autoset cfq on startup by editing the /etc/rc.local with root rights( e.g. kdesudo kate /etc/rc.local) and pasting in

As for other points of slowliness. You might want to change the animation speed in systemsettings if you feel that desktop animations are slower.

Hi rchav,
it’s noteworthy that you experience such a perceived loss of performance after the upgrade.
I wonder what might be the cause, as over here a fresh install on the same testmachine since 12.12 gave me the perception of the most performant Netrunner so far. I suggest before switching to another OS to do a fresh install and see if your experience is as fast as 13.06.