Discover all the features of your hardware

[color=#000080]I- Nex is a small application written in Gambas language that shows graphically what lies within our team, ie the main components of the hardware implementation: CPU, GPU, motherboard, sound, hard drives, RAM, network, battery, USB, monitor, among others…

But not only that, I- Nex also provides information on the operating system you have installed, kernel and version, hostname, architecture, etc.

The advantage we may have over other tools and console as lshw hwinfo is that when a GUI is all as more organized and accessible at first glance, facilitating the reading of the data and allowing to make additional things like capture the output of screen directly from the application, sharing information on social networks like Facebook or make a report that can be sent to multiple sites Pastebin type.

To install instructions are in the [/color] Forum Espagnol[attachment=106]

That would be highly apceriatebly!! As a Linux newbie, it’s sooo complicated to get those kinds of infos about your OS-stack comprehendsible together - and something gets forgotten every time. The time consumption not to mention.

I would like it as an integrated part of the preinstalled system componets view; as a nice, clean GUI
… pleeeeease! ^-^

And if I’m allowed to wish for something: Could it be extendet by a listing of all installed Programs, parts of the listing able to opt-out as a category / group and/or a single one ? nice!

“Everything, whitch could be automatized is computer’s work. - This one, who doesn’t need something done automtisized, doesn’t need a computer.”

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