discover not connecting[solved]


is anyone else having problems with discover connecting to the servers? I can open the utility but when I attempt to get updates or look at programs I get an empty screen implying nothing is available. AM I doing something wrong?

Is it maybe loading the stuff in the background or can you reproduce it all the time and no matter how long you keep the window open nothing happens?

Can you start plasma-discover from the terminal to see all output and maybe an error or warning that might help us diagnosing this problem

no matter what I do or how long I leave the window open nothing happens…I haven’t tried running from the terminal yet. I am sorry but I’m not sure how to launch it from the terminal

Enter plasma-discover in the terminal to start it.

it tells me: [font=monospace][color=#000000]bash: plasma-discover: command not found[/color]


I used octopi to remove and reinstall and now everything is working fine. Thank you so much for your help

Nice. Can you edit your first post and put [solved] into the topic then :wink: