Display goes black on install

I am trying to install Netrunner from DVD on a PC that is running windows.

The graphics card is a NVIDIA Geforce 8200 and an AMD 64 chip. The graphics are connected to a Yamaha receiver via HDMI to a TV screen.

I get the boot message and can interrupt the boot and get the options for safe mode etc. but as soon as I select an option I loose the signal completely and the screen goes blank.

I’ve tried booting from the same disk on an HP PC with a more standard monitor setup and this works fine. I’ve
also tried installing another Ubuntu distro with the same results.

Has anyone else tried installing Netrunner on a similar configuration?

So safe mode also does not work for you ?

No. Exactly the same thing happens except I see a bit more loading information before the screen goes black.

The Yamaha receiver reports a complete loss of signal at the HDMI port.

Is the vga port maybe turned on instead?

I wouldn’t have thought so. I get a signal through hdmi right up to the point of install.

Windows still works through hdmi without a problem.

Hmm… So the X Server is starting up on HDMI but the installer keeps blacking out ?
If not it is normal for bootsplash and boot messages to be seen on any output that your graphicscard provides.
Try the vga output and see if you are able to switch to hdmi output from it.
When the system is installed you can of course save this configuration to use hdmi by default.

The reason for this behavior might be caused by either graphic driver or the yamaha receiver.

Thanks for the reply. I will give that a go as soon as I get the chance and let you know.