Display issues on a tv

I have a laptop that powers my tv, I have the laptop screen turned off and use the tv as the primary monitor. Something went wrong after that last update, now when i login i have no window bar on anything, IF i open dolphin or any app then i cant close it, and the kicker menu dissapears after a second before you can click on anything, THe last few days i have juse been logging into to the kde failsafe session and that fixes my problems. Does anyone know how to fix this? I may can take some screenshots later if i need to. This laptops is my media machine and has 2tbs of media on it so I really dont want to have to reinstall the os Im running out of external drives to back everything up on. I have netrunner arch also running on the laptop and tv and my room and everything works fine, the only difference is that i use two screens in that setup instead of just using the tv.

It sounds to me like kwin is not launching.
Can you start it manually with alt+f2 run command and entering kwin ?

It might be a 3D driver issue, try using Alt+Shift+F12 to temporarily turn off composting.

i tired those things and it didnt work, everything works great in the failsafe session, It doesnt appear as though i have kwin installed, i opened pamac and was going to reinstall the package and it wasnt not installed, when i tried to install it it gave me an error about kdecoration not being installed but then i couldnt find that package when i seached for it. I think this happened when it updated to kde 4.14 series, it had been on the 4.13 series
ok, so i unhooked everything and shut down the laptop. I turned it on again not being connected to the tv, for some reason i deciced to switch to advance mode and boot the default 3.14 series kernel instead of the 3.16 one i had been using, At the login screen i selected the default kde session and the screen turned black, I had the display on the monitor turned off, i figured it wouldnt turn back on when the hdmi was unplugged, it did not, So i hooked it up to the smaller tv in my bedroom, everything seemed to work fine, so i deleted the 3.16 kernel and made 3.14 the default and turned it off again, hooked it back to the original tv and everything seems to work fine now.

So, this sounds like there might be a graphics driver regression in the 3.16 kernel.