Dolphin and LibreOffice file browser - change alternate background [SOLVED]

Hi, I’m playing around with an old school green text/black background scheme, and both Dolphin and the LibreOffice open/save file browser aren’t cooperating. I’ve got the green text part, but the blackground is zebra-striped, alternating lines of black or white. See the attached screenshot for an example from Dolphin.


In System Settings > Application Appearance > Colors > Colors I adjusted each item showing white for its current value. The problem remained.

Also, other file browsers (Kate open/save, Firefox uploads) show green text/black background.

Any suggestions? Which might include a prebuilt theme? Thanks.

Hi, have alook at Ther are many color shemes and other stuff for download. Some are for kde 3, be careful. Hope that helps.

If you are using oxygen widgets theme, I recall there is an option somehwere “Alternate list lines” or something similar, which forces zebra stripes onto lists… maybe you spot it and try turn it off.

Thanks, guys. I switched the scheme to Optimal (generally, a gray on black scheme intended to minimize eyestrain), but I’ll keep the oxygen widgets alternate list lines option in mind if I go back to my earlier attempt.

I found the option: it’s System Settings > Application Appearance > Colors, Colors tab, Color set: View. Here you can find entries for Normal Background and Alternate Background. Note: changing Alternate Background color while Dolphin was open doesn’t refresh the current Dolphin view–closing and reopening Dolphin did it.

This also fixed the open/save dialog in LibreOffice.

Marking the thread [SOLVED]. Thanks!