Dolphin problem

Wwhen in Dolphin I click on a folder with the right button, in the context menu there is no compress item. Is that normal?

Make sure you have ark installed and that dolphins context menu settings have this option selected (enabled).

I have checked. I have ark installed and the compress option is active. In fact it appears on files but it doesn’t appear on folder. Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

As far as I can tell, there is currently no way of compressing a folder in this way.
Try selecting everything within a folder and compressing it, I do believe the root folder is compressed as well.

Thank you very much.
But i don’t understabd why in Manjaro it is pissible via an item in the right menu when you are on a folder icon.

My son uses that system for his homework as well, so I’ll need to take a closer look when I get some more time with that machine.
I also just had gallbladder surgery yesterday, and still in quite a bit of pain, this also hampers my time a bit.

I’m really sorry to hear you don’t feel well. I wish and hope you’ll feel better as soon as possible. Don’t mind about my question.