Dolphin righ-click menu problem dual montors

As you can see Dolphin Right Monitor righ-click menu shows up on Left Monitor.
Shouldn’t the menu flip to left side of the menu? and stay on Right side monitor?
Only way to eliminate the behaviour is to move dolphin at least 3-4" (7-8cm) from edge.
Is this a compositor setting?
Or a Plasma or Open Driver or Dolphin bug?

Any info is greatly appreciated…Thanks!

Monitor output is handled by a QT library.
QT 5.6 is supposed to fix many of these multi-monitor issues.
Fortunately, this is currently in ARCH testing along with Plasma 5.6.

As you know, once this is released by ARCH it’s usually only a matter of a few weeks before making its way into Manjaro stable.

Thanks for the info and no biggie and can wait.
Was just curious if others may have the issue.

There are many new features coming with plasma 5.6 as well.
Here is the release announcement with a great video from KDE: