Dolphin Root Actions Open in File Manager Fails

Please see video so you can see what I am talking about.

Basically the root action for Open in File Manager does not work. Let me know if you have any ideas. I believe this worked just fine on Antergos KDE. I never tested on Manjaro that I can recall.

This is not a bug, it was intentional by the KDE developers.
You can no longer run GUI applications (Dolphin, kate, and kwrite, etc.) will no longer run as root (sudo).
This has been true since KDE Applications 17.04.0.

In the case of the kate and kwrite, these applications will now ask for the appropriate password when saving files depending on their owner and/or permissions.

There are workarounds for these if you look for them via online tutorials, forums, etc.

There are also patched versions of these applications available in the AUR to allow them to run as root.
However, using such patched application can not be supported should something go wrong.

the idea is the following:

there is serious package management via OCTOPI

then there is DISCOVER allowing any goofball to publish his “dolphin servicemenu” via DISCOVER without much quality control, like one might see in OCTOPI material.

Even though the proprietors of the “DISCOVER repos” kick out people on a whim, they keep load of outdated breakware for ages, such as the one case in point here.

So I said many times that “discover” is a huge disgrace, but blue-systems keeps pressing on with its purchase. :s