Dolphin slow to start/open

Just installed, really enjoying netrunner.

One of the issues I’ve run into is the delay starting Dolphin.
Starting it from command line (command “dolphin”), or the start menu, or my custom shortcut (also command “dolphin”) induces a 3-4 second delay, regardless of whether or not another instance is open.

any way to fix this? would rather not install another file explorer, and 3-4 seconds every time I want to view files is unacceptable when Windows does it in less than 1.

I think this might be the normal startup time.
You can try to measure it with the command

time dolphin

Mine takes about 1.5-2 seconds to start on an ssd.

I think it’s normal time to start it as well.
Off topic: On Rolling mine starts for about less than a sec :wink: 0.380s