I’m just wondering why there are so many different views of my files when attempting to select a picture file in Dolphin?

For example: When I open my main Home folder, Dolphin displays all files and folders as they are. But when a program asks me to select a picture file for what ever… It sometimes comes up with all file names and then you can click on the icon to display picture files. But sometimes it comes up as all file names and then has a check-box at the bottom for a preview!

WHY does Dolphin need to be so inconsistent??

FRUSTRATING to say the least!!

Now, I know it is not the team of Netrunner’s issue and it IS the issue of the programmers of Dolphin, but can you customize Dolphin to remain consistent?

When editing my website, I have MANY image files called the same thing with numbers attached. It is really hard to remember what’s what! So, when it comes up with file names and has the preview window, it takes FOREVER to find the image I am looking for!! I find I have to sit and click on every one, one by one until I come upon the one I’m looking for.

I also know there are some people who don’t want their images to display. So I opt for the Dolphin window that brings up files where it has an icon to display image files. I say KEEP it consistent with this one screen ONLY and not several for different tasks.

EDIT: I would also suggest that when opening a file for example… when I’m in a word document and am inserting an image file and later want to insert the same image again, I find I have to click through all the folder and search for that file again! Why can’t the search you just did return as default until you change the search, like in windows? In other words, if you had previously selected a file and then you go to insert the same file, why do I need to go through all the steps to get to that same file again and again??