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Don't upgrade from 14.x to latest Kubuntu


I’ve held off from upgrading to Kubuntu (16.whatever) and I should have listened to my inner voice (BTW I’m not possessed), as soon as I hit the ‘Upgrade’ button I had reservations… Needless to say the upgrade failed ‘Completely’ (after 3 hours of downloading) and now my PC won’t even boot up… Thanks a lot for the upgrade (Sarcasm Intended)… I love Linux but clown shoes that destroy a persons system with upgrades that don’t work deserve to be eviscerated…


In the end I’ve decided to get a copy of my ‘Home’ folder, re-install the ISO of NR14 I have… and never get the update… the UPDATE broke my PC… it also means that some installs won’t work and will need to be re-installed… once again, thanks for the broken ass UPGRADE


FWIW, you saved my life! I checked here before pushing the “Upgrade” button in Muon. But can I still do the “Install Updates” that are shown?


Yes, you can install normal updates within each release.
However, upgrading the base system from one Kubuntu release to the next is not supported Netrunner.
Once available, always use the upgrade scripts from the Netrunner team.


Wouldn’t it be a wise change to disable the release upgrading information in Netrunner per default? So no user runs into that trap?


yeah i noticed this update to new kubuntu message as well, I figured it would break the system, What i did was to go into software sources in muon and change the setting to never when it asks about notifying you for new releases, it is set to lts only by default, if you do this then you shouldn’t see that message again.


Yes you can easily get rid of that message, but IMHO it is up to the Netrunner devs to disable that message by default because it is not compatible with Netrunner’s way of upgrading to a new version and can destroy the system. And if it is not possible to disable that in the process of creating the distro then I’d at least expect a big red blinkiing :wink: warning message in the release notes on the website and in the forum that one should disable that upgrade messages (and how to). Just my 2 ¢.


I agree.


+1 on the suggestions. I’ve learned the hard way to always wait for upgrades and visit the forums to see what is going on (unless I’ve been drinking liquid courage.) :smiley:

I’ve also learned to use clonezilla periodically.

Those are (just realistically/practically) Linux best practices and especially with netrunner.



Newbie question: how does clonezilla help here?


I got the idea from AJSlye:

It copies/clones your OS (i.e. partition or whole hard drive). If something goofs up bad, you can restore the last cloned copy. So if you clone every month, the worst that can happen is that you go back a month, and only lose a month’s worth of updates.

I personally backup my data partition a different way, so I just clonezilla my netrunner OS partition.