Double volume control on taskbar?

I have another question coming out of my new Netrunner 17 installation.

The taskbar has two identical icons that look like they’re to control the speaker volume. When I click on them, though, they produce different notifications. Attached are two screenshots showing what happens when each of them is clicked.

Does anybody know what these icons are related to, and why there are two of them?

Thanks again.



From the picture one would be a widget on the panel (the one without the pin toggle in the right hand corner) and the other would be in the system tray.

How about that, they sit next to each other down there at the bottom.

What might be the purpose of the one that’s labeled simply “Playback Devices”? The other one at least says “Audio Volume,” so one can understand what it does.

Both are basically the same. You can deactivate/remove one of them if you want.

Very good, thanks!