Dozens of Notes icons?

Hi folks
So my grandaughter is tapping away merrily listening to music on my laptop and unfortunately it was on the touchpad and now I have dozens of ruddy Notes icons in the bottom panel :P. How do I get rid or them please?

Right Click on them should give you an option to remove them. (But don’t remove the panel)

No option to remove them with a right click? only Notes settings which gives a keyboard short cuts option!

Ok here is a small tutorial that should work for any widget to be removed from the panel.

Press the little hamburger/configure button on the far right of the panel.
Now you can hover over the different widgets and it should show you a menu above the specific widget
Here you can either press the configure button on the left or the X button on the right to remove that widget.

I hope that works for you.

You have to open the note to delete the note. open the notes up then right click on the icon.

Thanks for that guys, sorted now :smiley: