Dropbox doesn`t work

can`t get my Dropbox to run.

Anybody here use Dropbox?

How did You install it?

Without Dropbox netrunner will be useless for me.

Installed via octopi (default packagemanager) by clicking on yaourt and searching for dropbox.Right click to install and then chosing no when it asks about editing pkgbuild. And yes when it asks to install.

so did I.

so today the green ghost from OCTOPI gets red showing new updates. After installing the dropbox now works.

Thank You

Thank you, leszek. I was wondering how to go about this.

Now works perfectly, was troubled in all distributions.

I just installed Netrunner and was trying to install Dropbox.
When I open octopi and click yaourt its completely empty.
am I doing anything wrong?

yaourt is the back-end Octopi uses for installing software from the Arch User Repository (AUR), unlike the traditional repositories that are indexed locally and can show results as you type, this repository is always changing and being updated making it hard to index in this way. You will need to type what you are looking for in the search box and hit enter, at this point octopi will search the AUR in the background and populate itself with the results.

PS, The AUR does not contain any software packages itself, it only contains pkgbuild and instal scripts that the build system uses to download and install software located elsewhere on the web. This software can be a binary package or source code that needs to be compiled. These packages can also contain bugs, security issues, etc., and are not tested by the Arch Linux developers themselves, this is the main reason why packages installed from the AUR are not officially supported by Arch Linux and for which their use is discouraged, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK…

Thanks so much! I should have figured that one out. When I saw it empty I did not even try the search… Happy for the explanation and the warnings.