Dual Boot Netrunner and Kubuntu

Hello Everyone,
New to Netrunner OS but am very impressed! I would like to dual boot N[/font]etrunner and Kubuntu on a Dell mini 9 15gb drive. But when I install either os the other one does not recognize the other to do a dual boot. Any suggestions?

This should normally boot. Are you sure you didn’t overwrite the previous partition when installing the second distribution ?

Thanks, for the reply leszek.
Yes, very sure. At the moment I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Lubuntu 14.04 as the dual boot. It seems neither likes Netrunner for some reason. I have been trying all of the small footprint os (because of the small GB drive)and this seems common. The small os doesn’t recognize the other small os is installed when trying to dual boot. I’ve been a Linux lurker since the Ubuntu 10 distro unable to convert fully since most of the college profs require submissions in MS Word. However I do like Netrunner and it just may be the os that will be my primary.