Dual boot

I have just finished a live session with netrunner 13.06. All works fine and fast. After a weak I have holiday will install netrunner with vista and netrunner in dual boot.
I have now installed another linux version. I will netrunner install in these partition. When I choose by install to install netrunner at that partition works the grub fine after installation?

It should, no real reason why it shouldn’t.

Thanks for your answer.

Were you successful? If yes, can you post some information or links that helped you in setting up the dual boot (in particular with respect to grub and partitions).

I don’t have any troubles with the dual boot. I have last monday install netrunner. I have make on my computer a partition with Ext4 and install netrunner there.
At the end of the installation it makes the grub.
The first time I boot in netrunner after installation have a kernel panic, but that was only the first time.

I speak dutch, I know only dutch sites where you can found any information.